2001 Trip Notes

Flight Info

14 Nov NW #3331W departs ABE 12 noon, arrives Detroit 2:16 pm
14 Nov  NW #0068W  departs Detroit 5:20pm, arrives Amsterdam 15 Nov 7:00 am +1

15 Nov KLM  # 1395 departs Amsterdam 11 am Arrives St. Petersburg, 3:55 PM


I do not have the info on the flight from Russia to Amsterdam!

28 Nov. NW #0047, 4:20 PM Amsterdam, arrives Detroit 7 PM
28 Nov. NW #0546W leaves Detroit 9:15 PM, Arrives ABE 10:30 PM

KLM baggage weight limits:

All passengers are allowed to take two items of baggage free of charge. The sum total of the measurements of each item (height + length + width) must not exceed 158 cm (62.20472 inches, or just over 5 feet. The maximum permitted weight is 32 kg per item (70.548 pounds).


Hand baggage
All passengers are allowed to take the following on board:


note from vadim about the assignment

Russian Trip Info

IDD is available. Country code: 7. When dialing the Russian Federation from abroad, the 0 of the area code must not be omitted. Outgoing international code: 810. Most international calls made from the cities of Moscow, St Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod can be dialled directly, Collect calls, calls placed using credit cards and calls from direct dial telephones in hotels can be extremely expensive. The emergency services can be reached as follows: fire - 01; police - 02; ambulance - 03. For enquiries regarding Moscow private telephone numbers, dial 09; for businesses, 927 0009. For national directory enquiries regarding the Russian Federation and the CIS, dial 927 0009.

Time Zone  GMT + 3 (GMT + 4 from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in October).

Best to Bring with You.

- Toiletries and pharmaceuticals. 
- Suitable boots or shoes. 
- Umbrella. 
- Travel alarm clock. 
- Clean, crisp, new bills. 
- Travel money holder/concealer. 
- Photocopy of passport and visa. 
- Warm hat, coat, clothes and gloves in winter. 
- Camera and film. If using APS, be sure to bring enough film, as APS film is not sold in many shops in Russia. 
- Heavy locks for luggage.
- A power converter and adaptor. Russian standard is 220 Volts AC, 50 Hertz. If bringing a laptop or other electronics from US, bring an RJ-11 adaptor for the Russian plug, preferably with two RJ-11 sockets.


Bearing in mind our warnings about lethal kiosk vodka, when you find a good bottle you will find the quality to be quite high. New brands are popping up faster than mushrooms in a dungheap; tried and proven brands are Stolichnaya, Pyotr Veliky ,Golden Ring, Moskovskaya, and the unpronounceable Pshenichnaya.

Quality can vary depending on where the vodka is produced and/or bottled, and the best St.Petersburg stuff bears the marque LIVIZ on the label. New good brands are Stolbovaya, Dovgan and Smirnov (some say this is better than the curiously like-named Smirnoff). As an alternative there are imports ranging from little-known cheapies with pseudo-Russian names, like the picturesque Rasputin (nasty German vodka) and Strong Russian Vodka (surprisingly excellent Finnish) to better known brands such as Smirnoff and Finlandia.

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