Happy Holidays !

Wanted to share some of our Christmas Cardi photos with you all! Have a happy safe holiday.












Photo left: Ch. Aragorn's Oklahome Blue Elf, CD (Okie)  1980
Photo Right: AmCan.Ch. Aragorn's Out of the Blue, CD (Aggie) and Ch. Aragorn Arwen Evenstar (Arwen)

Left: 1987:  Ch. Aragorn's Oklahome Blue Elf, CD (Okie) and  Ch. Aragorn's Lord of the Rings, UD (Strider)

Magic in 1990


Right: Christmas 1997

Ch. Aragorn's Noteworthy Drummer



Left: 1996
Aragorn's Gwyneth Blue Heaven




Christmas 1998 : Rusty with his other short buddies, above, Bassets Cary and Tilly, and to his left, Suffragette and to his right, Annie.









Christmas 1997 - 
Photo Left: Ch. Aragorn's Dust in the Wind (Windy) with Magic
(Am.Can.Ch.Aragorn's Silver Wizard, CD)
Photo Right: Merlyn at 14, Christmas 1997

Frozen Snow Men
Boomer (on left) and Music (our Aussie, on right)

Christmas '99 - In Nebraska, Trevor with reindeer Jake.

Christmas 2000 In Nebraska

Right:  Carly with Cameron, Jake with Trevor




2000 - Amber's First Snow Storm


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