Lloyd Thomas Article

published Dec. 13, 1935, U.K., "Our Dogs"
(edited for space)

I should point unhesitatingly to the best type of Cardigan Corgi not only as a dog exceedingly rich in character and charm but also, of all the breeds I have known, the one coming nearest to supplying the dog-lover’s every need.

The Cardigan Corgi is, however, unique. Providing he has been reasonably correctly bred there is no dog quite like him. He does nothing by halves. All his qualities – devotion, obedience, hardiness, longevity, intelligence, trainability, courage, contentment, adaptability, and natural cleanliness of habit and body – are outstanding qualities. The devotion he exhibits towards his accepted master is sympathetic, steadfast, and worshipping to a degree impossible to describe and unequalled even by the Sheepdog; which is saying much indeed. Nor is a good Cardigan any less obedient than the Sheepdogs of Sheepdog Trial fame, which is again saying much.

As a hardy dog able to "rough" it, he can compete with the toughest, whilst when it comes to living to a ripe and active old age he must be pretty well a record breaker. His intelligence and ready understanding are of the highest order and combine with his inherent obedience to make him an easy dog to educate. Moreover, by virtue of his courage he becomes a guard-dog of the first rank. Not that in repose he is either vicious or savage, for on the whole, he is a docile-natured creature. Nevertheless, if the need occurs he can be immensely fearless and effective. In fact, had I to choose between entrusting my property to the care of one large dog or a brace of Corgis, I would place my faith in the Corgis every time knowing their amazingly acute hearing and swift resourceful tactics would make them more than a match for most intruders. Similarly, if confronted by enraged cattle, I prefer a good Cardigan beside me to any other dog I know.

But excellent as all these qualities are, it is perhaps the last on the list – adaptability, contentment, and cleanliness – which, when coupled to his convenient size and odourless coat, on the practical side, are most responsible for the charm of this dog as a companion. Neither too big for a two-roomed town flat, not too small for a country mansion, he is able to make himself equally at home in either.

As an indoor animal he exhibits none of that restlessness which mars the pleasure of the presence of so many dogs. Instead he has the Sheep-dog’s habit of resting quietly at his master’s feet, seldom obtruding himself unless encouraged. Neither, if brought in soaking wet, will he give of a doggy reek to offend the nose. Whilst, should he be left ungroomed his coat will still continue sleek, clean and glossy to please the eye. Could any dog approach nearer to perfection?

by W. Lloyd-Thomas, 1935


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