“Low set with moderately heavy bone and deep chest.
 Overall silhouette long in proportion to height, 
culminating in a low tail set and fox-like brush.”

  • Flowing natural curves displaying our hound background
     from prosternum to croup 

    - soft lines rather than angles


   The above dogs are good examples of correct outline.

Above left, Male - good outline, but straight in shoulders.
Middle: Bitch - correct outline - irregular line in topline is due to coat, more ruff over the shoulders
Above right, Male - correct outline, good front end and shoulders.        

Here's what it looks as a skeleton:

"A handsome, powerful, small dog, capable of both speed and endurance, intelligent, sturdily built but not coarse.”

This is not the correct outline for our breed:  too much leg, too tall.  
The dog also too fine boned, and certainly is not an example of " power"
 or a dog that is "sturdily built" .  



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