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To You, Dusty
- a tribute to our foundation bitch, Am.Can. Ch. Aragorn's Swansea Galadriel, CDX, born Jan 26, 1976, died April 6, 1986, and was written prior to her 10th birthday.

Windows of Opportunity
- experiencing the frustrations of keeping up with the computer world? Have a chuckle with me!

A Cardi Caper!

Seascape Escape - Let me share with you this moment with you - a evening sunset in the Keys, followed by a lunar eclipse on the same day, March 1996

To You, DustyDusty at 10 yrs.jpg (14287 bytes)

This is for you, Dusty, whose heart
was in showing right from the start.
Your face gracefully shows age with traces of gray.
A decade of wisdom gleams in your eyes,
revealing all the zest of your youth.
With your keen intelligence,
and your willing-to-please attitude,
you were such a joy!
You were always a great showman,
strutting your stuff with style.
When asked to perform, you never hesitated,
bounding off eagerly, in rain or shine,
you never seemed to mind.
Glancing around, noting you had an audience,
you would retrieve your prized possession,
and waddle back to me, so proud of yourself.
Instinctively, you knew what to do
and together we were a team.
You loved the big shows the best,
up on your toes, head held proud,
showing off for the crowd,
you couldn’t be denied.
To you, Dusty, grandam of line,
progenitor of more ambassadors of your breed.
Our venerable veteran,
Keeping the young pups in line,
a part of you lives on in each of them,
and of those yet to come.
I see it in their attitude and in their eyes.
This is for you, Dusty, my old lady,
showdog, companion, and good friend.


on a more cheerful note....

                                       Windows of Opportunity      computer.gif (4936 bytes)
I sit at my desk facing a blank screen.                
Here we go again - I could just scream!
I started with paper and pen;
That was good enough way back when.
The typewriter was fine,
But it soon became time
To get computer smart.
So on an Apple I’d start
To get my notes, poems, stories and data
Neatly stored away - A simple matter!
But the Apple went rotten.
A new hard drive was gotten
And progress moved to 5.0
Then it was all systems GO!
Word Perfect 5.0;  then to 5.1
But wait, I’m not quite done!
More memory, Programs and update
Windows 95 is now my fate!
Bytes, bits, icons and RAM,
Sometimes I don’t give a damn!
Save, delete and always back-up
Before I go out to walk the new pup!
Dummy bleeps each time I goof.
Click the Spell Checker to proof .
Menus? - Who’s hungry? - Have a... "byte?"
I try to learn with all my might.
No time for TV, no time for the funnies
My current bestseller is "Windows for Dummies"
Stereo speakers for my CD ROM
What was I writing? Oh jeez, my memory’s gone!
Change formats and fonts if I dare
This gives me a headache - I need a Bayer!
E-mail and surfing are a sure my bet.
Get On-Line for the Internet!
Computers - the way of the future, you know
Please help toss mine out the window.
Heave ho, let it go and then
Hand me some paper and a pen!

 A Cardi Caper! Baddogs.jpg (79438 bytes)

Merlyn (14 yrs. old, his head in large box of bisquits):  "Hey, there's some cookies left in the box!"

Rusty:  "Oh, Boy!"

Ffaegyn: (10 yrs old,blue):  "Buzz off, kid, I got dibs next!"


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