Rusty's Family Album

    Rusty the Chocolate Merle

Rusty's litter. Two blue merles (one with coat), one chocolate (or red tri in Australian Shepherds), and one chocolate/red merle (Rusty).

Note that this litter is out of two "acceptably" colored Cardigans. The sire is a black and white with brindle points and the dam is a blue merle with tan points, both carrying the dilution recessively.

Rusty & Matthew.jpg (13242 bytes)           

Left:   Rusty,3 mos, with our nephew, Matthew.  
Right: Rusty hangin'.

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Rusty's chocolate brother (red-tri),

Rusty & Daphne.jpg (15017 bytes)

Rusty & Daphne - A Chocolate Red Merle and a Blue Merle

Rusty came home to visit and play with the puppies. He's doing great in his agility training!

We miss him here, but he's having fun. 

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