In the Good Old Summertime.....

Those Cardis just love the water! Above, Elwood chills out after a hard day at shows

Right: Our old Shadow and also (left) Shadow with our GSD swimming in local lake.


 Below: Come on in, the water is fine!



Left: Ffaegyn - This is great!




(left) While some of us are trying to squeeze into our swim suits, Jolly tries to squeeze into the water bowl for a quick dip.


Florida Cardi, "Lucy" loves the ocean. She kept diving off the dock so owners, Dan and Kathy, built steps for her and now she joins the family in the fun. Lucy swims with her life vest. We're told the salt water helps rid dogs of fleas!


Hey some of us have to work on our tan, you know! ("Summer" catching some rays)




Elwood is a stitch to watch in our pool and I will work on getting some photos. Taught him to use the step area only. He steps down on the top step, lines himself up, then HURLS himself to me and I catch him. Then of course I just crack up laughing at him. Then he’s content just to hang on me, occasionally licking the water off my face. He’s so funny. He’s the son I should have had!!! LOL.

Remember to give special care to the dogs during hot weather. Give plenty of fresh cold water and provide shade. Don't leave them out in heat for long. Older dogs need special attention in the heat. Don't leave them in the car! Better yet, leave them home when you can.

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