1998 CWCCA National Specialty with Veterans,
Ch. Aragorn's Silver Wizard, CD and
Ch.Aragorn Sojourner's Blues, UD,Can.CDX,HS,AX,AAD,VAD,VOAC,VCX,CGC

1st and 2nd place Veteran Obedience both trials goes to Annie at 10 1/2 with Barb Miller and Magic at 11 yrs. So proud of these "Merlyn" kids. Cardis continue to want to perform no matter what the age.

Magic was cute on his recall exercise. Half-way to me, he stopped under the ballroom chandelier over his head. He looked up, "Ooo, look at the pretty light" and was lost in it awhile. Everyone thought we were one our way to failing. Then he dropped his head, glanced around and spotted me waiting across from him and then, "Oh, yeah, the recall!" and promptly trotted to me, sat in front and wagged. What a good boy!