Aragorn's Generations of Blues
(all tan pointed)
Line up of Blue Merles

Notice how the blue color darkens as the dog gets older.

In the middle: Ch. Aragorn's Silver Spirit, CD - the youngest - under 1 yr. old, his mother, Okie is behind him, he is visibly the lightest shade.

Far Left: Ch. Glenjoy's Ddraig Glas, CD - the oldest - about 13 years old, he appears the darkest, though not black. You can still distinguish his black splotches. He was a very steel grey. Ddraig is the "father" of Aragorn blues, bred to our foundation bitch, Dusty.

Fourth in line is the next oldest (and not as dark as Ddraig), Ch. Aragorn's Oklahoma Blue Elf, CD, age 10, daughter of Ddraig and Dusty. The two dogs in front of her are her sons, and her daughter is behind her.

Next in age is the last dog, Am.Can.Ch. Aragorn's Out of the Blue, CD, age 8, an Okie daughter. Aggie had minimal black splotches, and is a lighter shade than her mom.

Behind Ddraig, the second dog in line, is the Okie son, Ch. Aragorn's Sarum Blue Bishop, Am.Can.CD, age 6. He's lighter than his half-sister, Aggie, yet darker than his younger half-brother, Jesse.

Blue merles are light at birth and darken as they mature. I guess just like some blondes! :-)

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