You can be assured that an ARAGORN Cardigan will delight you and more then surpass your expectations, for we assure only top quality pups by breeding only our very best. ARAGORN has been involved with the breeding, exhibiting and training of Cardigans since 1973, and we have established a solid reputation, based upon our simple written guarantee: you must be fully satisfied with your Aragorn pup or it shall be replaced.

If you need or decide to return your dog for any reason, we will, for the rest of the dog's life, take it back and place it in another suitable home. You will never, under any circumstances, need to find a home for the dog; you can always return it to us!

Our show dogs usually finish their AKC championship titles in a small amount of shows, and with 3 or 4 majors. Since our line is high in trainability, CD titles in obedience are usually earned in 3-5 shows. Many of our pups have gone on to herding and agility. The success of our line is based on the blending of two solidly-linebred strains; old Swansea and Winsdown, our continued success is due to linebreeding quality dogs and rigorous selection on temperament, soundness and type; we only breed and show our very best. Our pet puppies are to be neutered. When AKC produced a video tape on the Cardigan, 8 Aragorn dogs were featured.

Our line has been tested for P.R.A. and have been certified clear for 7 generations, being tested by top opthalmologists in the field, i.e., Dr. Seth Koch,  Dr. Clinton, and Dr. Rubin. This includes Dusty and Ddraig, and their progeny. We have never produced a pup with P.R.A. We have not produced a coated pup in 14 years; Hawkeye, Horace, Colonel, Merlyn and Magic have been proved to be coat-free.

Once again, thank you for your compliments on our web site.  Our next few litters have been reserved, and we are unable to offer puppies at this time.  I cannot respond to the high volume of website emails concerning availability of puppies at this time - we do not have puppies available.  Please check the CWCCA website for the Breeders Directory. Thank you for your understanding.