Our Losses in 2004

Sleep well, boys.











Ch. Aragorn Appraxin Blue Merlyn, ROM X Ch. Aragornís Black Magic Lynx, CDX

Dec. 30, 1987 Ė April 18, 2004

       Magic was my good buddy and some of my fondest memories of him were in the obedience rings at the Nationals. At the í97 National, he earned his CD title at 10 years old.  The following year, he competed as a Veteran to place second to his half-sister Annie. Magic taught us all a lesson in Cardigan intelligence and devotion when on his recall exercise, he slowed half-way to look overhead at the ballroom chandelier. "Ooo, look at the pretty light!" and he was lost in it for awhile. Everyone thought we were on our way to failing. Then he dropped his head, spotted me waiting across from him and "Oh, yeah!" and promptly trotted to me, sat in front and wagged. What a good boy!  You will be missed, my Magic man!      




Am.Can.Ch. Aragorn's Silver Wizard, CD X Ch. Aragornís Corazon

Feb.10, 1990 Ė May 5, 2004


We are also sorry to report that Magic's son, Ch. Aragorn's Lord Alden also crossed Rainbow Bridge two weeks after his father at 14 years old.  Alden sired lovely puppies, and was #1 Cardigan Dog and #2 Cardigan when he was campaigned. In 1994 at Westminster KC, he earned Best of Breed.  In 2000, at the age of 9, he returned to Westminster to earn an Award of Merit and at Queensboro KC, he was Best Veteran in Show, both owner-handled by Tom Adamski. Thank you, Tom for all you did for Alden.  We are thrilled that Tom now has an Alden grandson, Anderson from the Elwood X Bunny breeding.  Alden lives on in his progeny but will be sorely missed.