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This is the Cardigan!

Color me any color, I'm still a Cardigan!

The Cardigan is a dynamite breed. Short on size, but not on personality they are a solid dog and not yipey like many small breeds.  The Cardigan has a willing-to-please temperament making it a great family companion, and a wonderful playmate for children.  

Cardigans are easily trained and housebroken and great in obedience work. They have a willing-to-please attitude. The breed is adaptable, making it right  at home in either a city apartment, suburban home or country acreage. (Many of our pups are involved in a pet therapy program and doing great things for the residents!)

Their instinct is to be a companion, not tending to roam like other dogs. This stems from their early beginnings when the farmer brought the Cardigan into the home at night after a hard day of driving and herding cattle. The Cardigan became a loyal friend and devoted to children. Cardigans are not "outside dogs", but family companions.  

Hey, parents, why not select the above black and white drawing on your computer and print this Cardigan for your kids to color!

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face" 
Ben Williams 
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