Jake's Page! ---- Ch. Aragorn's Joliet Jake Blues

Above left: Shown by Nancy earning Best of Breed under Ken Buxton at Nebraska KC in May. Jake has earned 13pts and two majors - At Agathon KC (Ohio) Jake earned his four point major under Judge Joe Mecera (above right) and his brother, Elwood earned Best of Breed (photo below).

Jake earned his second major and BOW at Mid-Susquehanna KC (PA) under judge Carol Duffy, (above right) while his brother Elwood earned Best of Breed and a Group 4.

A great Blues Brother Weekend!




Jake finished his title in Kansas City with a third major under Melbourne Downing.

Shown by Nancy earning BOW under Betty Krause at Seward KC, has been pulled in the group by Mrs. Donna Buxton and J.D. Jones. Nebraska. Go Jake!


Jake lives with Nancy Wilson-Sedlacek, (Success Shar-Pei) in Nebraska. I knew it just was not feasible to keep both Blues Brothers, but held on to Jake until I had found the right spot for him and I have. Jake now lives with 4 young boys and a household of Shar-Pei. Yes, it was tough to let him go, but we have to do what's good for each dog.  Shown above is Jake and Cameron. As you can see from the photos, Jake and the family are quite happy!

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Jake and his new buddy, "Voltage", Ch. Alpha Hi Voltage of Wrinkleworks.

                 Cleaning teeth after dinner -





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New Friends!   

Watch for Jake at the shows in the mid-west with Nancy!  We wish you both much Success!

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