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Our Holiday Trip to the U.K Christmas '96

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  Winter Wonderland!

Foreboding sky over snow-capped Black Mountains near Brecon on our way to Hay-on-the-Way, a bibliophile's dream.  This quaint town has over 40 bookstores and we needed days here!

A Medieval Fantasy

Amberley Castle in Sussex, where we spent our 22nd Anniversary at this 900 year old castle. Highly recommended!

Amberley hunt.jpg (29029 bytes)On the morning of Christmas Eve, the Castle owners invite the local hunt club for a tankard of warm mead before they go off. The hounds were such a treat!

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Reserve your own fantasy holiday at  Amberley Castle Reservations.  And have a wonderful time!   Remember to hit your servers' BACK button to return to ARAGORN.

  On to Wales     Croeso - Welcome

Cardigan Bay

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Sheep grazing in Cardiganshire - so green at Christmas time

              Patchwork fields on a Cardiganshire mountain.

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