Our Kids in Action!

Ch. Aragorn's Lord of the Rings, U.D.

Aragorn's First Utility Dog Title
Nov. 20, 1980 - Aug. 18, 1993

(Ch.Foxfire's Black Domino X Am.Can.Ch.Aragorn's Out of the Blue,CD)

Strider was my first Utility dog, and together we learned both the joys and frustrations of that level of training. He really excelled in scent hurdle racing; He loved it!

Above all else, he was my buddy. Following my heart attack and stroke, he pined for me by my bedroom door, not knowing what had happened to me, not eating, and chewing hot spots in his coat. Towards the end of my six week stay, Strider was able to visit me in the hospital. The reunion of two such friends cannot be described.


Wild Woman Annie in Action!

Ch. Aragorn Sojourner's Blues,

(Ch. Aragorn Appraxin Blue Merlyn x Ch. Aragorn's Triumphant Return)

Annie-herding.jpg (28315 bytes)Annie, owned and trained by Barb Miller, is truly a performance star and is currently working on her tracking title - Will she ever learn to ignore the deer? She earned her NADAC Veterans Novice Agility Certificate and Veteran Agility Dog title in 1996. Annie recently came out of retirement to earn her VOAC title.

At 10 yrs, she recently earned her AKC AX title, as well as her NADAC elite title. She keeps on going and going. She heads to Ohio this month with Barb for the USDAA Veterans Grand Prix National competition in Cleveland Agility trial. We are so proud of her all of her performance accomplishments. Thank you Barb!


New Agility title! May 31, 1998
Aragorn's Hott Stuff, AX, NJ

(Ch. Pecan Valley Blue Shamoo x Ch.Aragorn's Dust in the Wind)

Suffragette earned her first Novice Agility leg after only four months of training! She earned an Open Agility title in '97, and recently earned her Agility Excellent title, as well as her title in NADAC for Jumpers. This little girl loves jumping; and again, Barb Miller,(Milford, PA) is her owner and trainer.

We are proud of you Barb and what you have done with the Aragorn kids!  Thank you! Read Barb article on "Cross Training, Why Not Do It All?"


See Rusty's Action Page for his recent results and new photo!

Rusty has earned his Novice Agility title at the National Specialty with a perfect run - scored 100 pts, a first place and High Cardi in Agility! Since then, he has earned two legs in his Open Agility title and at just 17 months old.


Meet the latest relative working in Obedience -  STRIDER!

Strider is an Alden son, out of Jennifer Leseberg's brindle bitch, Angie.

Sheri is his owner/trainer and Strider has earned two legs for his Utility title.

Good luck at the upcoming shows!





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