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Lola and Alden Puppies!  

Whelped November 12,1997

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  Shots at 10 wks old

Aragorn's Blues Brothers: Jake.....and Elwood

Jake & Elwood - stacking at 11 weeks old

Above left: Zoe
Above right: The blue girls, Zoe and Pippin.

The pups take part of a photo shoot for a men's sock ad. At left, photographer, Susan Robbins with her assistants who will hide in the basket holding the pups. Pups are from left to right, Elwood, Zoe and Jake, with grandpa Magic below. Ad will appear in the trade journal, "MR" (Men's Retail) and will be published in a few months. Keep an eye out for it and if you see it, please let us know.

New Jake & Elwood shots
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