Seascape Escape, written in 1996 when we were in the Keys and witnessed both a gorgeous sunset and a lunar eclipse in one day. What a thrill!

by Marieann Gladstone

A myriad of pastels so tranquil
Low in the watercolor vista
Cool waves of aquamarine and frosted mint
Reveal nature’s treasure chest of beauty
Emeralds blend with peridot
Turquoise beads with lapis jade
Splashes of sapphire and topaz
Fine brush strokes of violet meet the horizon
And a thin band of indigo welcomes the azure sky

Gentle wisps of silken puffs
Dance about a golden blaze above
Hot yellow, orange and tangerine bleed
Against a background of soft cerulean
Technicolor and vivid - colors of every hue
Radiating gems of sparkling citrine
Ruby red streaks with coral and gold
Melting the great orb into the sea
Sinking deeply beneath the fire in the sky

Subdued colors end the show,
Only to begin yet another
The tropical breeze firmly speaks
to the palms bending in reply
Cooling grays chill the ev’ning air and
Beckons Heaven’s precious jewels
among the onyx canvas
Diamonds twinkling with the opal moonstone
Glistening mother-of-pearl light

Opaque darkness slowly obscures the silver luminary
Recalling fears of ancients of a long ago world
Blackness and void and loneliness
Feeling small and insignificant
Day dying into the night
Wrapped in the rare sedative eerie stillness
In a blanket of comfort
In being one of Life’s most precious treasures.
Succumb to the darkness
And live again in the new ivory light


More Sunset Photos in the Florida Keys April 1998

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